I have a week off uni but am forced to complete other coursework

I don’t know why I am complaining about this – I signed up for the carpentry course I’m currently completing. to be honest I really want to work in the construction industry and I can once I complete my law degree, how ever I get one week off and it turns out that the course lands on that week – I am trying to look at it in a positive light, that I don’t miss out on any uni because its holidays but that’s been difficult. I should look at it in a way that ‘I get to do what I love for an entire week straight’. I’m sick of studying but I have to continue and persist be limitless and just enjoy it all.


University balanced with goals

Recently, I have not done so well in some of my assessments for uni, I need to pick this up and put it as a priority for now so I can continue to work on my goals stress-free and knowing that I can continue to pursue my construction and development goal at no personal expense. Currently, I have completed a test which I think I did not do so well in and I have missed the deadline for an assessment which I will have to complete in 2 days  and really put my head down, I’m going to work hard on it so I am able to at least pass the assignment I have been given. It’s time to CRUSH IT.


Studying both construction and law and it is extremely taxing mentally, how ever I do enjoy it out of all the other topics I could study.

I want to run my own construction and development business but this seems like a long shot from where I currently stand with little experience in commercial construction (more residential experience at the moment) at least I am studying areas related to this. I wish I was able to work full time, I’m even unsure of the job positions that are available.

Currently, I’m trying to hustle 24/7 be fast, be limitless while maintaining a high quality and standard of work. Further to this I am hitting the gym more often and trying to further challenge and develop myself

A long time away, here we go

Just going to ramble on about life/goals

Things are starting to pick up with gym, ive decided to go nearly every day in order to reach my goal body which is a particular person i have in mind. Affording the correct healthy foods is difficult as it is expensive and also time consuming to cook proper food, currently i am slightly above the weight i would like to be at and holding more body fat than i should but it seems to be slowly dropping off.

In regard to my building and development goal i have started a building diploma and a carpentry certificate and am learning these simultaneously as the more knowledge i have the better prepared i will be for my first development, further to this i have also slowly started quoting odd trade jobs such as handyman services etc, this hasn’t worked out too well but i can only get more confident and better from here. I need to start earning a decent living if i am going to achieve this goal.

Law goal – where to start on becoming a lawyer, i am currently studying still however dropped my study load to 3 subjects as opposed to 4 – i fail subjects here and there which just wasn’t good enough so in order to see if i could keep up i dropped 1, its still so far off becoming a lawyer but i know ill get there eventually, still have placement to go, practicing certificate and business studies.

I still want to be limitless, just like the movie – i know its not real life but to accomplish so much and be the best top version of yourself is what i am striving for.

I need to learn to speak another language and I want to have extreme social success. Being social for an introvert with anxiety is difficult, but this is a website of positivity coupled with struggles so I am getting better with my social skils although I am taking every opportunity to talk with people and get better

Haven’t posted in awhile

There are a few things I need to work on

  1. Handling my shit 
  2. Making decisions because I want to (not to please others or being afraid of opinions and comments)
  3. check my financials and spending
  4. start studying for exams
  5. thinking about ending my relationship 

    I can’t think of much to write at the moment as my head is full of thoughts – I haven’t written in a while but have made a habitica goal to do so. I need to start making money working as a general contractor – being an unpaid law student I have no money.

Handle everything and take no bullshit just like the F truck. 



Whats going on

This is the first blog post in a while. I am starting to be more disciplined, organised, and make more progress. However there is one downside – I am on multiple medications at any given time to get through the day…I think ill have a wash out or break once uni is over, this is just difficult as the psych meds have changed my mood quite a bit (for the better) how ever this has made me stress free and relaxed so I need to adjust to this new way of thinking and my mindset is currently changing slowly.

Anyway I have begun working on my legal placement, my building business and getting my builders licence (however the forms and proof required is ridiculous). Further I am getting help with my law studies and am confident in my ability to pass. I am also still seeing the psychiatrist on a somewhat weekly basis.

Further I have been listening to podcasts that have greatly expanded my way of thinking. I am still trying to discover myself and what it means to be masculine and be a man.

Yesterday and thoughts

I have been feeling extremely flat lately, almost apathetic, I am kind of lethargic and can fall asleep quite easily. 3 X 150mg of Lyrica is the same as 2x daily. So I’m sticking with that. I’m worried this might be post-steroid related however it could be due to the lyrica working. I feel a lot better about myself but the issue of feeling flat is there and my sex drive is close to 0. 

I don’t think and I know I don’t want to continue living the type of life I sometimes fall back into, one of lacking enthusiasm and undisciplined laziness coupled with insecurity.  I am also trying to figure out what masculinity means for me and my identity, I guess consistency would be a part of it for me and falling back into my old lifestyle doesn’t help support me with regard to that idea. 

Continuing on the point of being ‘flat’ I haven’t properly gone to the gym in just over a month, that’s down from going nearly 4-5x weekly. I feel as though I don’t have the energy or the drive.

I want to feel as though I can achieve anything and become employed, also I know  I have the ability to complete the 3000 word essay before this friday that is due, it’s just when would I start it and what would the quality of work be like?

I have previously been trying to skip sleep (well before I have been feeling ‘flat) to try to grind at whatever goals I have – but recently I was listening to the knowledge for men podcast and have realised a lot of the most successful business people, self-made individuals or entrepreneurs get a full night’s sleep (7-8hrs) not the ridiculous 4-5 that is often so reported in the self-improvement community. 

A few further points I don’t want to expand on now as well are – 

  • I need to think more about my relationship, what i want out of it, and if i should potentially continue it and what the risks are for the future
  • my finances and that they continually seem to go down, I think i need to cut my expenses and at least try to save for a while or cut out any luxuries – possibly write down a budget being specific down to the dollar
  • I tell myself i want a full nights sleep but i also don’t want to sleep at night until i have everything completed

Other points:

  • I have responsibility of my life
  • I am the creator of my life and I can make whatever decisions i choose to change what is happening 
  • I am the master of my own world and need to create a life I want to live
  • I need to envision daily the type of person I want to be and the type of life i want to live and create
  • I want drive – I want to be able to ‘get up and go’
  • I want to be fit and healthy and I want to hustle and do as much as possible with as little as possible. 

Imagine what my life would be like if I just took control of my decisions instead of being fearfull and lived life how I wanted.

"I wasn't high, wasn't wired, just clear. I knew what I needed to do, and how to do it."