My Purpose

This is continually added to, constantly changing.

I’m going to write by the name of ‘N’ for this page, I don’t want to reveal much as this is personal.

Date 1st April 2017
As of this date I am 22 turning 23, I live in Melbourne and am a student, working part time as a labourer. I have a passion for building and construction and I’m assuming this stems from my family. My family (grandparents) on both sides immigrated to australia looking for work, eventually working in trades and then finally building houses, however this goal was left unfinished due to tragic circumstances.
Now as my identity grows I feel that I must relentlessly pursue this, not only due to the fact it is unfinished but as it is my own passion, it is part of what gives me my drive – knowing that I can do this, and that there is so much more for me to do in order to obtain this.  I am also recovering (and have made significant progress) from extreme anxiety and mild depression, I cannot believe I’m writing this but I feel like I am finally coming out of my rut and that hole I was stuck in. The grass really is greener. 

This blog is used to track my goals, thoughts, progress and improvement.

So far I can’t think of much else to write, below is a list of goals/questions/random that I feel I should put here – 

  • Become a lawyer, start own practice
  • develop domestically and get into commercial building and construction – erecting large apartment buildings within the city and internationally 
  • achieve mental well being and attend the psychiatrist on a weekly basis
  • be limitless give everything my all and take cognitive enhancers and nootropics
  • be a man and all characteristics that involve this – be myself and be genuine, put myself first when i need to. 
  • be actionable – do my way into lifes activities my passion and goals – daily action
  • improve on a large list of personality traits and qualities (listed in one note)
  • achieve the highest level of fitness possible, diet properly and eat following my meal plans, have a grecan ideal or spartan body with a strong v taper and a large lat to waist ratio
  • stop any OCD addictive or compulsive behaviours
  • have a large social circle of somewhat meaningless people – for networking and going out etc
  • have a small intimate social circle of good friends and good people
  • find the right partner for me 
  • learn to fight well and defend myself and others 
  • learn to use a gun and shoot also purchase one
  • become involved and enjoy all my hobbies and leisure activities
  • achieve multi millionaire statues.
  • keep quality of any of my coursework high and achieve good marks
  • START EACH DAY AT 6-6..30 AM
  • have a large domestic building business
  • Not be fearfull of rejection and be outcome INDEPENDANT
  • Instead of running away from any pain (social,financial,emotional etc) or trying to fight it, LEARN to embrace it and use it as fuel to drive me.
  • fuck plenty of hot women

QUESTIONS – Date 1st April 2017

  • If I had all the money in the world what would I do
    • I would purchase so many items that I can enjoy in particular cars boats and planes, I would also travel the world and work on starting multiple business’, I would also like to start or give to charities.
  • What would my perfect day be like?
    • Wake up, take medicines go to the gym straight away with liquid brekfast then shower work on all my ogals go to work see friends and family work more eat with family, plan the next day
  • Activities that set my soul on fire
    • Running and planning a business and building and onstruction, also reading – planning and building something and physically seeing end product eg home excites me like nothing else. 

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"I wasn't high, wasn't wired, just clear. I knew what I needed to do, and how to do it."

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