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Writing under the pen name of Will or 'N' I am a student in melbourne AUS trying to make it to the top...............

Update on goals

Building license – currently got work as a carpenter so in 3 years I will be fully qualified and well on my way to being a builder.

Masculinity – created a hyper-masculinity plan so I am able to project a more tough look.

Now single – recently got dumped, now i need to learn how to converse with women all over again

Health and fitness – currently lifting heavy weights, have a trainer, want to start mauy thai and am doing HIIT cardio

Skills and hobbies – trying to learn internet coding, carpentry work, and some other things.

Reading – the four hour work week and on audio book brian tracys no excuses.



I am currently completing my internship within the development team of a large building organization and I’m trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible, I am also doing an apprenticeship in carpentry on the weekend with a view to go fulltime and learn how to build new homes. Law school starts soon as well as my building and construction diploma. Further to this, I’m trying to obtain start-up capital for my property development ideas, and also want to shred up and lose weight. So a lot going on. this is like a journal where I write down my thoughts and whatever comes to my head. so here is the record.



Getting experience building new homes

I finally took the leap – applied for carpentry apprenticeships with new home builders, now I can get experience through this avenue as well as working as a site manager for a large company. Slowly working my way towards being a builder and developer, however, it is quite a slog and is taking a while. Gotta get through all the bullshit coursework then I’m free

I have a week off uni but am forced to complete other coursework

I don’t know why I am complaining about this – I signed up for the carpentry course I’m currently completing. to be honest I really want to work in the construction industry and I can once I complete my law degree, how ever I get one week off and it turns out that the course lands on that week – I am trying to look at it in a positive light, that I don’t miss out on any uni because its holidays but that’s been difficult. I should look at it in a way that ‘I get to do what I love for an entire week straight’. I’m sick of studying but I have to continue and persist be limitless and just enjoy it all.