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Time management

Managing your time is important yet often overlooked as a part of being productive. There are many sources of productivity information with a vast array of ways to time manage, from charts to personal opinions and scientific reasons. Here I am able to get down to readily identifiable areas that seem to be the most common amongst productivity experts. 

Plan your day the NIGHT before
Ensure it is the night before as in the morning you want to hit the ground running
Use 15-minute increments
Use electronic tools like todoist, habitica, wunderlist or pad, and paper. 
Know tomorrows weather
Allow breaks – use the Pomodoro technique
Set realistic goals
>More coming on how to plan your day

Be disciplined
Discipline is freedom to complete any task you want
Cultivate it and grow it (more on this in another article)

Use a diary
Electronic or hard copy  – I use both
Schedule in all appointments and meetings
Review nightly
Can be used for important documents

Reward yourself
have frequent breaks
Go into the sun
Have a healthy snack
Go on your phone

Use the Pomodoro technique
When faced with any large task or series of tasks, break the work down into short, timed intervals that are spaced out by short breaks and finally one long break, continued by more timed intervals of work.

1) by due date first
2) by the importance of the goal.

Get down to the hardest task immediately
Getting down to the hardest task immediately avoids procrastination and cultivates discipline, two in one! This will also give you a great feeling of self-satisfaction and reward.

Sleep early wake early
This has changed my life
Spend an hour every morning on your goals before you wake up and hit the ground running

Batch similar tasks and dovetail
Learnt from tony robbins this means less time is wasted in between tasks

Learn document control
Learn how to store and retrieve hard copy and electronic documents as this will save you time

I will continue to expand and update this post