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I know, I shouldn’t start off my first blog post about being rejected by this girl but it plays on my mind and tests me. I want to be able to have a stronger masculine emotional frame and confidence so this is able to bounce right off me, I’m certain this mentality carries over to other areas of life when we fail, being able to focus on whats ahead instead of how bad it was and forgetting to learn from it. Regardless I think about this woman every now and then, not to mention I’m in uni and i’m fairly sure she mentioned it to a close male friend of hers who is constantly smug toward me with a shit eating grin on his face and I don’t know if he is spreading rumors/hate about me. This man is no better than who I am, I want to be the best man possible. When shit like this happens though, I am constantly questioning my masculinity and ability to deal with these types of situations – the entire thing just makes me furious, but I need to ignore and hold frame.¬†

Important items I completed today 

  1. Wrote first blog post